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2021 GIFTs Summit - "Shaping the New Future" Successfully Held in Santa Clara Convention Center

by ZGC Capital

Picture: scene of the 2021 GIFTs Summit - Technology and Healthcare

(Santa Clara, CA) ZGC Capital Corporation presented the 2021 Global Innovation & Future Technology Summit (GIFTs) on December 14th at the Santa Clara Convention and Exhibition Center in Silicon Valley.

The 2021 GIFTs Summit, themed "Technology and Healthcare: Shaping the New Future" focuses on current hot topics in the fields of healthcare, artificial intelligence, cyber security, and venture capital, as well as the development and future of emerging technologies, investment opportunities, and "new trends" in science and technology in the "post-epidemic era".

Over 20 leading scientists, professors, entrepreneurs, and investors from Silicon Valley and Boston attended the all-day summit, including two Turing Award winners, pioneering professors from top universities such as Stanford University and University of California, Berkeley, as well as fund founders and successful entrepreneurs in the technology fields. The conference used a hybrid of offline and online live transmission, with over 700 people attending and watching online.

Picture: Opening Speech by Dr. Ella Li, CEO of ZGC Capital corporation

The CEO of ZGC Capital Corporation, Dr. Ella Li presented an opening remark and  welcomed all the guests for their presence and support.  She introduced the history of the GIFTs Summit, which began in Silicon Valley in 2017 and has since been held four times in Silicon Valley, Boston, London, China, and Beijing. Previous summits brought people from all over the world together. The summit provides a stage for thought leaders around the globe to exchange ideas and shared wisdom, and jointly discussed the new trend and path of future life enabled by global science and technology. For many years, ZGC Capital Corporation has hosted the industry brand summit to gather ideas and sparks.

Picture: Fireside Chat from Dr. Michael Rosenblatt and Dr. Ella Li

Later, Dr. Ella Li moderated the keynote speech with Dr, Michael Rosenblatt, Senior Partner at Flagship Pioneering. Flagship Pioneering is one of the most distinguished institutions in the life sciences in the United States. With more than 20 years of history, it grows more than 100 startups and has a total portfolio value of more than $30 billion. including Moderna, a mRNA company that blooms in the background of COVID-19.

In his address, Dr. Rosenblatt emphasized the necessity of medical innovation. He stated that certain good "ideas" were initially tough to embrace by the industry, but should not be given up easily. In conjunction with the advancement of science and technology, we must maintain a persistent mindset and seek to create a new innovation.

Picture: keynote speech by Dr. Anis Uzzanan, CEO of Pegasus Tech Ventures

Dr. Anis Uzzaman, CEO of Pegasus Tech Ventures, has invested in over 200 global start-ups, including SpaceX, Airbnb, 23andMe, Doordash, and Gojek. In his keynote speech themed "top 10 technology trends that will transform the world in 2022", Dr. Uzzaman presented the audience with hot technologies in the year 2021-2022, such as Metaverse, NFT (Non-fungible token), and the extensive use of robots in manufacturing, logistics, agriculture, and other areas.

Left: Professor Yi Cui, Director of Precourt Institute for Energy at Stanford University

Right: Dr. Peter J. Fitzgerald, Professor Emeritus Medicine & Engineering, Stanford University Medical Center

Professor Cui Yi, Director of Precourt Institute for Energy and Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford University, discussed the importance and scientific advancements of "economic transformation of carbon neutral nanotechnology." Dr. Peter J. Fitzgerald, Professor Emeritus Medicine and Engineering at Stanford University Medical Center, presented the speech "The Collision of Science and Technology and Health – An Epic change", expounds on how digital technology can be used to empower healthcare and bring innovation to overcome challenges in the industry.

Whitefield Duffy (left), CISAC consultant at Stanford University

Martin Herman (right), Honorary Professor, Stanford University

Two of the world's leading cyber security experts, Whitefield Diffie and Martin Hellman, discuss "the challenges of today's network security," and share how to use technical means to improve network security barriers, deal with technical treatment in network finance, and protect personal information.

Picture: 2021 GIFTs featured speakers

In addition, distinguished speakers at 2021 GIFTs Summit discussed the future of quantum computing, innovation in global medical imaging technology and services, and the InvisiMask- An Invisible Mask that Protects Against COVID-19 and its Variants. The theme of zero-emission competition and climate protection drew the attention of both offline and online audiences.

Aside from the summit's main stage, more than ten exhibitors showcased their businesses and products, attracting a large number of on-site participants to interact. The 2021 GIFTs summit is ZGC Capital Corporation's first large-scale offline summit since the pandemic. During these difficult times when the whole world is faced with the unprecedented spread of COVID-19, the summit represents a collective effort by those involved to continue with innovation and intelligent sharing. The summit was made as safe as possible for attendees by implementing Covid-19 prevention measures such as social distance seating and the distribution of masks and disinfectants.

Picture: 2021 GIFTs featured speakers

The GIFTs summit is one of Silicon Valley's greatest global technology and scientific gatherings. The summits have brought together leaders from worldwide industry, investment, and education to share ideas and insights. ZGC Capital will continue to host and enhance the GIFTs Summit Brand in the future,


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