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A Letter From ZGC Capital Corporation CEO: Looking Ahead to 2021

February 2nd, 2021

Mengyao Ella Li, Ph.D.

CEO of ZGC Capital Corporation

To our Valued Clients, Partners, and Friends:

This year’s Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) will take place on February 12th. On behalf of the entire ZGC Capital team, I would like to send our best wishes to our clients, partners, and friends. Thanks for your continuing support, and Happy Spring Festival!

I’m also honored to announce that the board recently appointed me to be the CEO of ZGC Capital. My experiences working alongside the previous management team while leading ZGC Capital’s investment department managing and building new FOF and VC funds makes my appointment as the next CEO to be a natural transition for us as a company. And, I feel privileged and excited for this opportunity.

Since 2014, ZGC Capital’s vision has been to bring together talents and innovators from around the globe. 2020 was a unique year with a global pandemic public health crisis challenging everyone’s ability to adapt and to innovate in unexpected ways including with their work-life balances to ensure the safety of their families, friends, and colleagues. Last year was also a transformative year for innovating routine processes and structural norms, and we’d like to think that ZGC Capital helped with and learned from some of that innovation.

Despite its unique challenges, 2020 was a successful and rewarding year for ZGC Capital. We renovated our Innovation Center located in Santa Clara, California; we introduced more flexible and affordable space options that included virtual office plans to address the impact of the pandemic on our partners and startups; we successfully virtually-hosted our 2020 Gifts-MIT Summit, and we launched our online Z-Accelerator to make it easier for entrepreneurs and innovators to achieve their dreams. And, as 2020 came to a close we added a new Series B fund to ZGC's fund system.

As the ball dropped to end 2020 and the bells rang to introduce 2021, I think that we were each hoping that the unexpected challenges of 2020 could be behind us, and at ZGC, we’re reflecting on those challenges while preparing for whatever new challenges may occur in the new year as we continue to achieve our core vision of bringing together talents and innovators from around the globe. With that in mind, we’re thrilled that our existing funds will continue to support entrepreneurs, startups, and innovators to realize their dreams. And, we’re excited about creating ZGC Capital’s “Healthcare+”, our new healthcare-themed Innovation accelerator. Additionally, we’re pleased that our virtual office services will continue connecting people during the pandemic, and that our newly renovated innovation center provides better office space for our tenants and entrepreneurs once the public health crisis is over.

So, on behalf of the entire ZGC Capital team, I would like to send our thanks for your support along with our ongoing partnerships and friendships as well as to wish each of you a Happy Spring Festival! Importantly, please stay safe and take appropriate health precautions during this pandemic public health crisis.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Spring Festival and prosperous New Year!!!

Mengyao Ella Li, Ph.D.

CEO of ZGC Capital Corporation


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