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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • 1. Who can apply to Healthcare+?
    Healthcare+ accepts applicants from companies in the healthcare industry (medtech, biotech, medical device and healthcare services). Healthcare+ is for companies that have completed at least a seed round fundraising.
  • 2. What can you expect from Healthcare+?
    During the three-month program, Healthcare+ offers healthcare startups four key resources: access to capital, mentorship, global business partnerships, and working space in Silicon Valley and Boston.
  • 3. How are applicants selected?
    Applicants are selected based on team dynamic, experience, and technology & product characteristics through three screening rounds. Factors also include the business model, market strategy, potential market size, and total financial considerations.
  • 4. How much funding is offered?
    We invest capital to those well-performed startups after the demo day of each cohort. We invest up to $xx,xxx.00 into a company. (to be discussed)
  • 5. Is there any kind of tuition cost for participating in Healthcare+?
    Companies are either charged $3,500 or can choose to allocate 1% equity to Healthcare+.
  • 6. Are there any specific sectors you invest in?
    As a healthcare-theme accelerator, we are open to applicants from most areas of healthcare.
  • 7. What happens when the Healthcare+ program ends?
    Alumni will become the member of Healthcare+ Innovation Ecosystem and participate ZGC’s healthcare events after graduating. We will offer working space at a discounted price in ZGC’s Silicon Valley and Boston centers to startups that have graduated from the program. At least five companies from Healthcare+ will be invited to join the Z-Trip, a 10-days-long free pitch trip to China every year, to develop your business in the world’s largest healthcare market. All companies will have access to ZGC Funds and Healthcare+ VC partners with higher investment probability.
  • 8. Can startups participate without moving to the Bay Area?
    Yes, but we highly recommend you participate in the program on site. If you cannot move to the Bay Area during the program, the workshop and mentor guidance are available online, but you will miss out on opportunities to interact with many investors and take part in the private investor meeting.
  • 9. Will Healthcare+ sign a nondisclosure agreement?
    No, we do not sign nondisclosure agreements.
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