ZGC's Global Investment Platform

ZGC Funds

ZGC has established a powerful global investment platform that includes participation in strong fund of funds, as well as direct investment capabilities.  In Silicon Valley, this includes the influential Kiloangel and Danhua fund of funds, as well as direct investment into leading technology companies with the potential of changing the world.

Growth & Network

ZGC demonstrates the difference between investing money and investing smart money.  Our portfolio companies enjoy unique growth due to the strength and size of our global network.  Investment coupled with strategic partner matching allows our companies to gain valuable insight, access unique resources, and enter new markets.

ZGC Expert Guidance

ZGC believe in helping the bold take their dreams to new heights.  To accomplish this goal, ZGC has developed a global network of mentors, as well as industry, legal, and marketing experts that provide consulting to our portfolio companies.  We don't just invest, we provide the guidance needed to grow.

Comprehensive Portfolio of Technologies

ZGC has a comprehensive portfolio throughout a large spectrum of industries, bringing forth innovation and growth across the globe  through our groundbreaking technologies.

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