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MedLabs InnoTalk Series 

High Impact Data Analytics in Healthcare

Tuesday, October 12th, Online Zoom Webinar

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In this InnoTalk Event, we are delighted to welcome Dr. Walter "Buzz" Stewart, the CEO of Medcurio. Dr. Walter "Buzz" Stewart oversees research organized around Digital Health and Advanced Analytics, Precision Care & Medicine, Clinical Trials, and Rapid Health System Learning. Joining him as moderator, Dr. Gary Goldman is an investor, co-founder, and board member of numerous healthcare and technology organizations.

The one-hour-long webinar consists of a welcome intro by Dr. Gary Goldman, a 40-minute informative speech by Dr. Walter "Buzz" Stewart, and a Q&A session.


  • Why use of real-time data matters in healthcare analytics

  • Current methods for accessing data in real-time and business and innovation challenges with these methods

  • Where the market is going with real-time data and why it will not be enough

  • Live Q&A Session for all attendees

InnoTalk Main Graphic 2.png
Walter "Buzz" Stewart, PhD, MPH

CEO at Medcurio

Buzz has 20+ years of experience leading innovative projects within healthcare system research and development. He has expertise in digital solutions, machine learning, and practice-based rapid learning, as well as a successful track record bringing startup health companies to market.


Prior to co-founding Medcurio, Buzz served as chief research officer and founder of Research, Development and Dissemination at Sutter Health; associate chief research officer and founder of the Center for Health Research at Geisinger HealthSystem; vice president of research and development at PCS Health; and co-founder and president of a clinical trials and survey research company.

A former professor and current adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Buzz has published more than 400 academic articles on health and healthcare.

Gary Goldman MD, DDS MBAc

Founder of the Global Health Impact Network and Global Health Impact Fund

Dr. Goldman is a dynamic physician business leader and serial entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience building, managing and advising multiple organizations. Founder of the Global Health Impact Network and Global Health Impact Fund, Gary has a passion to drive change in healthcare working in collaboration with those on the front line. A self-confessed ‘tech geek’ with a passion for digital health and how it can transform our lives.

Originally started his career with an MD from Drexel University College of Medicine and a DDS from NYUCD. Founder and medical director for Obstetric Anesthesiology at Alta Bates Medical Center in Berkeley CA for 20 years.

Gary has accumulated a wealth of experience by building, investing, and advising numerous companies helping many start their journey to becoming successfully established businesses. He is an investor, co-founder/ board member of several corporations, focused on accelerating digital health.

Widely recognized as a thought leader in digital health innovation and startups, Gary has a passion for people, technology and patients. His mission is to help transform patient care with systems and companies built by healthcare experts from the front lines.

The companies he has advised have raised multi-million dollars. He serves as a mentor and advisor to startup accelerators such as Medlabs (a partnership between GHIN and ZGC) and is planning to do more work in this field in the coming year helping great ideas flourish.

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