ZGC's Worldwide Platform and Premium Services

Global Network

ZGC has developed a network of operations in key innovation ecosystems across the globe.  Beijing, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv, Silicon Valley, Boston and other hubs each offer the world unique resources.  ZGC has built a network of operations in these hubs so that our members can access their unique resources and allow them to make groundbreaking contributions to the global community 

Global Services

ZGC offers top level services for our members to work with, expand into, and access resources in countries throughout the world.   Our comprehensive list of services facilitates global cooperation and allows our members to become truly international companies.


Although our members make amazing products, we find that they need out expert assistance in understanding foreign markets and how to best serve their customers.


At ZGC, legal compliance is paramount.  We assist our members in ensuring that they operate in accordance to local laws.


With a global network of experts in key innovation ecosystems across the globe, we offer top level global strategic consulting to our members.


Building a team in another country is difficult.  Luckily for our members, we help find top local talent in each of the ecosystems that we are active.

Strategic Partnerships

We regularly match our members with strong strategic partners in China, and throughout our network, providing unique benefits that allow access to outside markets and resources.

Are you looking to make your company truly international?

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